We hit the coffee jackpot this weekend.  


Friday I took Starbucks up on their buy one get one free holiday drink offer and Mike and I got some delish drinks! (so there's the first free coffee)


Saturday we wandered into Bed Bath and Beyond and there was a Keurig employee demoing the Keurig 2.0 and she asked if we wanted to make some coffee for ourselves-- YES PLEASE! (so there are free cups 2 & 3 :) )


Hmmmm what else did we do this weekend? Oh! I'm actually super proud of my Friday night activities: I managed to disassemble my Ikea desk and reassemble it without breaking anything! WOOOO!


My desk originally looked like this... (see the drawers/shelves on the left side?)


And I reassembled it to look like this (drawers/shelves on the right!)


I'm not magical; the desk actually came with the option to build it either way. But when I originally built it 2 years ago, I just chose the first option and now I realize that I want to be able to sit on the left and have the right side of the desk to write on since I'm right handed.


Also we hit up Plato's closet (which is seriously becoming my favorite store) and I scored all this stuff for $36!


See that glorious American Flag shirt? I got that as an investment in my future 4th of July festivities and/or Olympic ceremonies, World Cup games, etc. It's AWESOME. Best $8 ever.


When I got home with the new clothes, I decided to organize my closet. Do you know how hard it is to share a TINY CLOSET with someone?! Yeah, it's hard. I told Mike we need to move just so we can get a bigger closet.


Oh and while I was closet-organizing, I started listening to that "Serial" podcast that everyone's talking about. If you haven't heard of it-- it's a podcast that investigates murder from 1999 in the Baltimore, MD area (so it's kinda cool to me because it's close-ish to where I grew up). There's a guy in prision serving a life sentence for the murder, but there are people who think he didn't do it. So this podcast investigates that. It sounded weird to me at first but it's actually really, really good.


So that was my weekend in a nutshell! I was going to write a post today on avoiding "stress spending" (ya know, spending money when you're stressed out) but recapping all my free coffees sounded more fun. Keep an eye out for Wednesday's post-- I'll write about it then! :)


PS for anyone who's curious... ITS SNOWING RIGHT NOW AND ACTUALLY STICKING TO THE GROUND. Welp, I guess the 8-month Rochester winter is beginning now...



What did you do this weekend??