When new subscribers sign up for my email list, I ask them to take a short survey. One question on the survey is: "If money was no issue, what would you want to do with your life?" (BTW- I've kinda answered that question for my own life-- check out that post here)  


One of the answers I got totally got me thinking. She* said she would: “travel, shop, start a blog, continue working so I wouldn’t get bored”


*All I know is that your name is Casey and you filled this survey out in October 2014 (I know, slightly delayed post about this, sorry!) so if that's you, THANK YOU for taking the survey and inspiring today's post! Email me if you're reading this, Casey! {Ashley @ SavingMoneyInYourTwenties .com}


Here's the thing about that answer. It's just so completely... I struggle for the right word here... achievable! ALL of those things that she wants are totally doable even NOW, before she has a bunch of money!


{image from Pinterest. PS are you following my Pinterest?}


Travel: Stop waiting until you're a millionaire to let yourself enjoy travel. Pick out a destination an hour or two away and road trip there for the day. Take some time to research it in advance, just as if you were going to a new state or new country. Sure, it's not quite as fun as getting on a plane and staying in a hotel, but it's still travel!


Shop: You want to shop? Here's where having a "Shopping" budget can come in handy. (pssst- want to create budgets for your own life? check out my Budget Coaching program!) Even if you only have $20/mo to spend on yourself right now, let yourself spend that $20 each month and enjoy the shopping trip!


Start a blog: You want to start a blog? Good news... you can start a blog for basically $0. Sure, it won't be professionally designed but that's fine! You'll still be blogging and that's the first step.


Continue working so I don't get bored: It sounds like you're already doing that. So that one's easily taken care of :)


Isn't that crazy to think about? Here's this girl telling me that if money was no object, she'd be doing these 4 things. BUT YOU CAN START DOING THOSE THINGS NOW!!


If your "what would I do if money was no object" answers are anything that you can start on now-- even to a small degree-- then GET STARTED! Stop waiting until some magical day when you have money. Start now!



What would YOU do if money was no object?

Is there anything you can get started on NOW rather than waiting until the magical day when you have "enough" money?