Last Friday I was sitting at Midas while my car got an oil change, and I started thinking about all the other stuff I needed to do after that. I decided that I needed a new notebook (okay, in hindsight, I didn't really need it... but you know...) so I would head over to Target after I was done to get it.  


yessssss I love the notebook aisle... :)


Then, since I would be at Target already, I could look at the purses because my purse has started falling apart. (Literally falling apart; it's fake leather and the fake leather is actually falling off in chunks and leaving bright white material beneath it. It's 3 or 4 years old and was ~$30 so I guess it had a good run...)


Then I could pick up new eyeliner because mine is almost gone... then I could look at the shoes.... then maybe get some more sparkling water...


My list went on and on and before I knew it, I had like 10 things on my mental "to buy at Target" list.


I immediately started feeling overwhelmed.


My internal dialogue looked (sounded? hmm) like this:

"Ah, that's a lot of stuff that I'm planning on looking at/buying. I'm already going to be spending $25 for this oil change, I don't want to go drop another $100+ at Target today! Do I really need all that stuff? Well, yeah, I do really need a new purse, this one looks really terrible now that it's falling apart. Wait, who cares if my purse looks jacked up? Why do I care? It still works... can I put off the purchase? Wait, do I even need that notebook that I was originally going to Target for?"


Suddenly, it dawned on me: no one was forcing me to go to Target to spend $100. It was all ME. It was all me making the decision that I "needed" to go buy those items.


So I decided to not go to Target. None of the items were necessary. Sure, I should probably get a new purse sometime soon, but you know what? I'll buy it when I want to... not when I'm having anxiety about the purchase and feeling overwhelmed. That's never a good time to spend money.


Have you ever had this feeling? That "omg, my spending is out of control and I can't stop!" feeling? It's terrible, isn't it? 


What I want to tell you today is that there is good news... it doesn't have to be that way!


No one is forcing you to spend money. Your money is YOUR money and you can do with it what you want. If your spending feels kind of out of control... take back control of your wallet and just STOP buying things.


It's that simple.


You control your money. Don't let it control you.



Have you ever gotten overwhelmed thinking about purchases you "need" to make? What do you do?