Something I've been wanting for quite awhile is a whiteboard for my office.  


I love brainstorming but it's not quite as fun when you're just doing it on 8.5x11 sheets of paper. Not the same as using a whiteboard :)


I started looking up whiteboards on the internet and OMG do you know how expensive big-ish whiteboards are?! INSANELY expensive. Like $100+. Are you kidding me? Nooo thank you.


So I did a little more research on Mr. Google and found a few articles that talked about DIY-ing a whiteboard. Now that is up my alley! They recommended getting a certain type of board from Home Depot that is basically made of whiteboard material. And it's only ~$13 for a HUGE section of it. WHOA.


Last weekend, I went to Home Depot and found the board. Sure enough, looks and feels just like whiteboard material! WIN.



I got them to cut it into 4 sections (the board is sold in a HUGE 8 foot by 4 foot section... that would make an awesomely gigantic whiteboard but alas, my car is not big enough to carry that home so we had to cut it down to four 2x4 sections, shown above)


Just a warning: they might not want to cut the board for you. It's pretty flimsy so I guess they don't really like cutting it because that can ruin it. But for some reason the guy decided to take pity on me and did it! Also just be warned that if they do cut the board, they may do the first two cuts for free but anything over that is an extra $1 per cut. Somehow I also dodged that fee (I'm not sure why I got so lucky? it was awesome) but... just an FYI.



To hang it, I picked up these "Mirror Mounting Clips" and that holds up the board perfectly on the wall! (I didn't use the anchor things that come with it because I didn't have a drill buuuut they work just fine with only the screw!)



It's not the prettiest whiteboard (it would look a lot better with trim, but I didn't care that much), but for like 1/10th the price of a 'real' whiteboard... I'm okay with it ;)



A warning: some markers don't adhere to the board quite as well as others, but I'm not sure why. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but the purple marker dries really weird on the board compared to the blue? And both are from the same pack of Expo whiteboard markers! Strange. I'll report back if I figure out what the issue is!


Do you have a whiteboard?

I just reread this post and can't believe how many times I used the word 'whiteboard'. Haha, sorry 'bout it.


Are your allergies bad right now?

I'm literally dyinggggggg of allergies this week. They are the worst! I've been taking my allergy meds, too! I don't get it :( BAHHHH spring.. you are so pretty but hurt me so much!

(can I blame allergies for my excessive use of the word 'whiteboard' in this post? I think yes.)