The other night, I was reading a new book (My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great by Dixie Cash... cute story, easy read) and had this epiphany about budgeting money.  



In the book, the main character, Paige, has lived her whole life with her rich dad paying for everything. He decides to cut her off, finally, at age 25 and tells her to get a job, find a place to live, start paying her own bills, etc.


So throughout the book she's learning how to budget herself so that she doesn't run out of money... and as I'm reading, it's actually getting me excited to budget in my own life. (Is peer pressure to budget a thing? I now think it is...)


Basically the thing I loved about it was that she made it seem almost 'cool' to budget. Paige was so proud of herself for sticking to her budget and finally making her own money to support herself. And it got me thinking... why aren't we more like that?


I know some days it's easy to think "adulthood sucks!!" (especially when dealing with stuff like insurance, ugh) but we need to remember... it is freakin' AMAZING that we are grown up enough  to support ourselves! How cool is that?!!!


I mean... how long did you dream of this day as a kid? The day you'd have a job and make money and live in your own house and buy your own stuff? (wait, tell me you did that too and it wasn't just me being weird? haha)


Be proud of the fact that you're supporting yourself! But at the same time, you have to be smart about it. Don't let yourself get carried away with your spending. Figure out how much money you bring in, what your bills are, and how much you have left over to spend (and save) each month.


If you can't afford something, no matter how bad you want it... don't buy it!


For example, take this line of the book: "Between now and then, she might even squeeze in a pedicure... Oops. Wrong thought. Pedicures were not in her budget at the present time."


How simple is that? That's the essence of budgeting!! Instead of acting on our impulses ("oooh I really want to get a pedicure") we can just stop ourselves and say, "Oops. Wrong thought. It's not in the budget right now!"


Bottom line: We're adults. We're living on our own and taking care of ourselves with our own money. With that comes some responsibility. Budget yourself! Use that "Oops. Wrong thought. Not in the budget right now!" as a mantra whenever you feel the urge to buy something.


And above all else: be freakin' PROUD of yourself! You're kicking ass at this adulthood thing. I'm proud of you :)


When is the last time you wanted to buy something and said, "Oops! Wrong thought. Not in the budget right now!" (and then felt PROUD of yourself for it?)

For me, it was last week shopping for sports bras! I kept getting sucked into looking at super expensive ones... Lululemon is most def NOT in my budget right now! Pretty sure I'll survive with one from TJ Maxx or Target ;) Woooo, responsible adult decisions! :)