Nothing in my life has ever made me more bipolar than these past 3 months of self-employment.  


I thought I was always a pretty even-keel person... until self-employment happened. It’s a whole new level of crazy.


I spend a lot of time talking myself down off ledges (metaphorical ledges... don’t worry, Mom and Dad). But recently, I discovered the best ever mantra to repeat to myself whenever I’m feeling particularly vulnerable.


The initial idea came from Mike. That guy is pretty smart sometimes :) He and I have been entering the HGTV Dream Home sweepstakes every single day with the hopes that we’ll win the $2.5 million dollar prize. We legitimately believe that we’re gonna win it. (don’t burst my bubble and tell me otherwise...)


So anyway, we’re discussing that sweepstakes and Mike says something so profound that’s stuck with me ever since. He basically said, “You know what’s crazy? We have the exact same chances of winning as everyone else in the world!”


And holy crap. That guy was so right.


(But dang it, we had better chances at winning before I told all of you about it... oops. Forget everything I just wrote!)


It would be easy to second guess myself right now. It would be easy to question my business, to question the value that it will bring, and to talk myself out of doing this. [Side note: I’ve found that it’s way easier to talk yourself out of something than to talk yourself into it.]


But instead of letting those self-destructive thoughts take over, I remind myself that I have the exact same chances of making it big on this self-employment journey as everyone else in the world.


And that’s where my mantra comes from. I just ask myself,


“Why not me?”


I know that a huge percentage of small businesses (I don’t even want to look up the actual number because it will undoubtedly be depressing) fail within the first year. But why can I not be the success?


That mantra has kept me sane these past few weeks and I hope it can help you, too... no matter what your hopes and dreams are right now!


If you find that you are comparing yourself to someone who has found success in your desired path, ask yourself...


“Why not me?”


You have the same chance of success as anyone else out there.


Go out and do big things.