I hate confrontation. I hate making a fuss out of stuff and being a "difficult" customer. (yeah, yeah, customer is always right, I know...)  


Unfortunately, this is occasionally detrimental to my wallet. Here are two examples:


Situation #1 -- Full Priced Apples

On one of our recent road trips, Mike and I stopped at a Sheetz (as usual) for lunch. I grabbed an apple from the “2 for $0.99 if you have a Sheetz Card” bin and took it to the register, expecting it to be rung up for $0.50.


...NOPE. It was rung up for $0.99.


This actually is not a very good picture for this story, because it's advertising a deal on bananas, not apples, and also because it isn't the sign with the fine print. But just go with me here...


Turns out that I missed the very important fine print on the offer-- it’s one of those deals where you have to buy TWO apples to get the 2/1 deal, but just buying one is regular price. Whoops!


Mike told me that I should go back to the register, tell the cashier my mistake, and ask if I can get another apple.


I refused because a) I was embarrassed- I call myself a financial blogger and I can’t read the fine print on the sign? and b) because I really was in the wrong so technically it’s my fault- why would I expect her to make it right for me?


I learned my lesson- I will pay much closer attention to fine print from now on!



Situation #2 -- Pizza

Not the same pizza. Just needed another pic to break up all the text in this post ;)


We heard about a pizza place near us offering a large 2 topping pizza on Saturdays for $10 if you dine in. So we went to the restaurant, ordered a large, 2 topping pizza, for dine in, and were rung up at $17. Uh... what?


In my confusion (and non-confrontational spirit), I just handed over my credit card and paid the $17.


When we sat down, Mike and I tried to figure out what had happened. We double checked the offer to be sure we did everything correctly, and we had! Mike convinced me to ask the cashier about it. As soon as I said something, the guy realized his mistake and refunded $7.


It was cool to get my money back, but it was SO awkward for me to say something, even though I was in the right!



How can you avoid this?

I have started using Mike's method: whenever he gets a promotional deal like these, he starts his order by saying “I’ll have one of the $10 pizza specials...” and then goes into the actual order. It’s a friendly reminder to the cashier of the promotion and also a way for the employee to say “oh, you need to buy two apples to get that price” or whatever.

Or, you can just speak up and ask ;) I need to work on that one...



How about you-- would you go and get your money back, or just give up and write it off as a learning experience (slash good blog post ;) )?