Guys.  I am so not cut out for life up here.  THERE IS SO MUCH SNOW.  I've never seen so much snow in my life!  If we got this much snow in VA, they would declare a state of emergency and the entire region would be shut down for like 2 weeks.  No joke.  Up here... not so much.  It's just another day.  


Mike luckily enjoys the snow too (either that or he's just humoring me) so we've been getting out and going on lots of snowy walks.


These are the back stairs to our house... they were basically one big snow covered slide on Thursday night!


I posted this pic on Instagram (do you follow me?  YOU SHOULD, let's be Insta-friends!) because I was cracking up when I woke up to this sight on Friday morning.  The best part about working from our living room is that I never have to clean off the car ;)


Mike and I also ventured back to Cobb's Hill to see what it looked like in the snow.  Surprise!  It was still beautiful.


Hah here's Mike rolling down the hill.  Is it showing you a "movie"?  If not click the pic and it should open in a new screen and work... I think? (#computerilleterate)



So!  That's what we've been up to.  Tell me what the best part of your weekend was?!