In high school, the closest we ever got to a "home ec" class (are those even still a thing?) was our 8th grade Civics class.  




I don't remember much besides that "I'm just a bill, and I'm sittin' here on Capitol Hill" Schoolhouse Rock video (anyone else got that song stuck in their head now? muahaha).


Also, I remember getting fake married to a classmate. Our teacher assigned us a partner and we to married them. Is that normal? Anyone else do that? We even had a "wedding day" outside where the teacher took pictures of us in a fake bride and groom costume.


[side note: I wish I still had that picture... my "husband" went on to become an almost-olympic rower. I could probably sell that picture to some paparazzi! (is there such thing as paparazzi for rowers? probably not...)]


After the wedding, we were each assigned a job and a yearly salary, and then had to "play grownups" for awhile by pretending to go grocery shopping, furniture shopping, and apartment/house hunting while sticking to our yearly salaries. It was actually pretty cool- hats off to my school for coming up with a "real life" activity like that!


But anyway, my first marriage isn't the point of this post.


The other big thing I remember from that class is something the teacher taught us about shopping.


He said that when we go shopping and are contemplating a big purchase, we should ask ourselves 3 simple questions:

"Will I want this in a day?

Will I want this in a month?

Will I want this in a year?"


If the answer to any of those questions is NO- then maybe you should reconsider your purchase!


Telling this to a group of 14 year olds was a pretty crazy move. I'd venture a guess that it went right over the heads of many of my classmates. But I guess I've always had the frugal gene, so I clung to that phrase. I loved it.


Try it in your life! Are you considering making a big-ish purchase? Ask yourself those 3 questions and really think about the answers. Don't buy something that you know you won't want in a month or a year! It's not worth the money.


As 20-somethings, it's easy to get caught up in doing things that we want right now. But we need to start looking to our future (even a year in the future!) and think about what will be worth it so us then. 



Do you have any shopping mantras that you use? Did you have a home ec class in high school?