If I had to pick the one BEST personal quality to have in order to save more money... it would be a willingness to DIY things.


I grew up with an extremely handy Dad who's first reaction when something needed fixing was to figure it out on his own. There wasn't much that Dad couldn't figure out and fix himself! And there weren't many problems that couldn't be fixed by duct tape ;) ((Did I ever mention that a few years ago he decided to redo their kitchen... from the ground up... BY HIMSELF? Who does that? hahaha. It turned out beautifully, too!))


I am SO thankful that the handy/DIY/independent trait was passed down to me. I am proud to say that (for the most part) my default reaction to problems is to figure it out on my own before hiring someone else to help fix it. I truly believe that trait is a big help in my money saving journey- it can get EXPENSIVE if your automatic reaction to problems is to hire someone to fix it for you. Especially in this day in age where you can google/youtube practically anything... there is no reason to NOT figure things out on your own before hiring someone.


So it brought me extreme excitement when in the past week, TWO people in my life texted me about their DIY/fixing skills. I decided what better way to share their DIY excitement than to post about it on the blog? (Also, I recently DIY-ed something and want to brag about myself too :) )



#1 // Mama J & the Toilet Flapper

Last weekend I got this text from my mom:


SHE REPLACED THE FLAPPER IN THE TOILET ALL BY HERSELF!!!! I was beside myself with excitement :) She said that once she realized that the part was broken, she sat there and said, "What would Ashley do?" and decided to youtube videos on how to change a broken toilet flapper! Then she went to Home Depot, got the part, went home and installed it herself!!! So proud <3

(and yes she is joking about rebuilding the engine... I think... :) )



#2: Debbie & the Thermostat

This past weekend, I got this text from my friend Debbie:


SHE AND HER HUSBAND REPLACED THEIR OWN THERMOSTAT AND SAVED $250!!! Heck yes!!! (also, yes, my friends are very adult and own their own house!) (also here's a picture of Mike and I at their wedding that was EXACTLY 2 years ago today- happy 2nd anniversary you guys!!!)



#3: ME & the Car Air Filters

(this is the part where I brag about myself...muahaha)

You know when you go get an oil change and they always pull out your filter and say, "blah blah blah look how dirty this is, your filter should be replaced, blah blah blah it'll be $40"?? I always say no but recently I decided that I would just look into doing it myself! A quick google, some youtube videos (yep, Mom was right, I do always watch youtube videos to learn things haha), and a trip to AutoZone later, Mike and I both replaced the engine air filters in our car AND I replaced my cabin air filter! It cost around $15 for both of my filters compared to the $40 I was charged at Midas for ONE of them. Also it took about 5 minutes to change both. WIN.



I think DIY-ing things is a huge money saver and a great quality to have! But don't worry if you don't have that quality right now: it's like any habit- you have to work at it for it to become part of your life! If you aren't used to DIY-ing things, just start with one thing and see how it goes! You'll be so proud of yourself that you'll want to find something else to DIY... and then another... soon you will be so used to doing things yourself that it won't even cross your mind to hire someone else to do it!



Time for YOU to brag: What's the last thing you fixed/DIY-ed that saved you money?