First things first: Monday night I passed out at 8:45pm and didn't wake up until 6:15am. It was glooooorious. We were really productive/active this weekend so I guess that caught up to me? Anyway when I woke up my hair was SO WEIRD and thank goodness I have a blog so I can force you to see what it looked like...  


Like why are those two pieces curled UPWARDS? What on earth was I doing while I slept?! Also, I guess this is actually where you're supposed to say #Iwokeuplikethis :)


Soooo moving on to more important matters. As you may or may not know, it's officially February. Which means March is next month, which means April is next, and April means Tax Day.


(still with me?)


You should have received all your tax documents by now, so theoretically you can start doing your taxes anytime between now and April 15th (or whenever your state taxes are due, which I learned last year are not necessarily due on April 15th-- thanks for teaching me that, Mom!)


I would strongly suggest doing your taxes as soon as possible because the sooner you do them, the sooner you (possibly) get a refund. No use letting the IRS hold on to your money for any longer than necessary, right?!


This year is my first year of taxes where I'm kinda frightened to get started... it's my first first year with self-employment income and business expenses and all that fun stuff. AH! But I'm still going to attempt to do it myself; we'll see how this turns out... haha


Anyway. I wrote a pretty good post about tax time tips last year (if I may say so myself) so you should go check that out! Also, I use the phrase "for the love of pete" so basically it's like you're switching it up and reading an 80 year old's blog. (#savingmoneyinyoureighties)


I'll recap my favorite two tips here:


1. Try to file for free!

If you're filing your taxes yourself, and using an online program or software to do it, see if you can do it for free-- especially state filing! There are a lot of big, well-known companies with commercials that advertise "free filing", but usually they're talking about federal, not state.

Try googling "{your state} + free state tax filing" and you just might find a few sites that let you file your state return for free. Just a warning: sometimes they'll say that you also have to file your federal return with them in order to quality for the free state. So check that out before you get started on your federal stuff.


2. Direct Deposit. Just do it.

Get the direct deposit option if you're getting a refund. It comes wayyyy faster than a check.


3. Take a look at last year's post for more tax time info & tips! :)



Have you done your taxes already?

Do you do them yourself (by hand, with an online tool, or with a legit software) or do you use an accountant?