First: an important announcement. For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you know that I am a BIG fan of Republic Wireless. I have the Moto X and their $10/mo cell phone plan and abso-freakin-lutely LOVE IT.  


(you can check out my first review here, and second review here)

Yesterday, RW launched a lower priced phone option, the Moto G, for $149. (the Moto X is $299) If you've been contemplating switching phone providers, this is the sign that you need to do it. DO IT NOW! Even Mike is finally switching to a smart phone! (crazy huh? he's never had a smart phone!)

Seriously-- $10/mo and a smartphone for $149 (without contract)!? You cannot possibly beat that. Check them out! And if you do decide to go with RW, please consider using my referral link! I'll love you forever :)



Okay. Moving on! I'm here today to pass along some advice:

When you move into a new apartment and set up electricity, do me a huge favor... check your billing info, write down your meter number, and go into the basement or side of the house or wherever the meters are kept and MAKE SURE THAT'S YOUR CORRECT METER.

It sounds silly, I know. "well duh Ashley, why would we be paying for a meter that doesn't connect to our house?" I agree with you. It does sound silly. But I am here to tell you that IT HAPPENS.

Two months ago, I received our normal emailed electricity bill. It's set on autopay but I always check the bill just to make sure it sounds normal. As my eyes scanned over the text, they were caught by "Total due -- $213" ....WHAT THE...?!?!  We normally pay somewhere around $30! After 45 minutes on the phone and a journey into our creepy basement, I figured out the issue: we've been paying electric for the apartment above us ever since we moved in in November!!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!

(and the fact that the apartment above us uses $213 worth of electricity in a month? that's a whole 'nother very weird issue that I don't care to figure out)

It's been a loooooong ordeal to chat with our landlord and figure out how much we should have paid and how much we actually did pay, and then get the money reimbursed.

Don't go through what we did. Check your electric meter and make sure it's really yours.

Don't say I didn't warn ya! ;)



Any utility horror stories to make me feel better?