Here's a list of some products I use that help me save money. Many of these are affiliate links, so if you want to try them out, you'll also be supporting this site! THANK YOU! :)



I recently discovered Ebates and I'm totally loving it for online shopping. I hate going to real stores so I do online shopping most of the time. Ebates has a browser extension where every time I'm on a shopping website, it'll tell me how much percent cash back I can get if I do my shopping through Ebates. (it's super easy, you just click a link and it refreshes your window and then you're shopping "through" Ebates). You can also go to the Ebates website and type in a product name and it'll show you all the online retailers selling the product, their price for the item, and what that retailer's cash back percentage is for Ebates. So far I've made ~$25 in cash back in the past 6 months. Not bad for things I was already going to buy! (and they deposit the cash back in your Paypal account)

If you sign up through my affiliate link, you'll get an extra $10 bonus after spending $25, and I get $5!


Credit Cards

  • Target REDcard- uhh, only my favorite card EVER that happens to belong to my favorite store ever! I have the Credit Card, but there's a debit card option too. Having either REDcard will get you 5% off EVERY Target purchase and free shipping (and extra time for returns, but the first two benefits are my favorites). If you sign up using my affiliate link (HERE) you'll support this site and I will be forever grateful :)



Cell Phone Service

I used to use (for about 2 years!) Republic Wireless and paid only $10/mo for my smartphone plan! Yep, it's amazing. I think they've increased their prices slightly and now the lowest monthly rate is $15.

However, I currently use Ting. I switched because I wanted an iPhone and Republic Wireless doesn't offer those :) I pay ~$23-$30 per month for my service (depends on how much data, minutes, and texts I use). Check out my post HERE about Ting! (and if you do sign up, I'd love if you used my affiliate link to support this site and save yourself $25)





    After many years of searching, I finally found a pair of work pants that I loooooove: Betabrand's Dress Pant Yoga Pants!! They legit feel like yoga pants; it's ridiculously amazing. I have them in the black straight leg (which is more like boot cut in my opinion) and have worn them probably 3+ times a week for at least 6 months and they still look awesome! I do air dry them and wash in cold water just to make sure they stay stretchy :) Use my affiliate link and save $15 off a $75 purchase :) (there are also a ton of other percent off coupons so google around and see if you can find any others!)




    Hair cutting

    Cut your own hair. Yeah, seriously. I made videos of my hair cutting process-- HERE is the one on a straight-across cut with side bangs, and HERE is the one on a layered cut. I've been doign this for almost 5 years now :)