Hey girl heyyyyy! Welcome to the Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eCourse!  

This Resource Page is where you'll find all the downloads, printables, worksheets, videos, and other fun stuff that goes along with the course!


What to do first?

First step in this course is to dive into the Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eBook. This eBook is like your course textbook-- it'll take you through the course step by step!

Throughout the eBook, there are links to download/view your other resources (spreadsheets, printables, videos, etc). Those links are also found on this page just to make it easier to see them all in one place :)


Also, a note about the downloads:

All the downloads are hosted through my DropBox account. If you aren't familiar with DropBox, no worries; you do not have to make an account to access the documents-- it might prompt you to do so, but you can just X out of that popup and still access the documents.

Once you follow the link to the document, just hit the big "DOWNLOAD" button at the top of the page to download each document/workbook/printable to your own computer! (you can't edit them in DropBox)

If you have any issues accessing the documents, let me know ASAP! :)