I know how hard it is to invest in a coaching program when you're already feeling strapped for money, no matter how much you know you need the help. You have student loans, rent, groceries, car payments... basically, LIFE IN GENERAL to deal with. Investing in financial coaching is a luxury that you just don't have the money for. 


Or maybe you have a friend who is really struggling with money. You know she's always stressed about her finances, but you aren't sure how to help-- or, you just don't want to let the money talks cause weirdness in your friendship.


I get it. Everyone needs help sometimes! That's why I am giving away one free spot each month to my Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eCourse.


Nominate someone below who could use the help-- even yourself! :)


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Note: if you are nominating someone else but want to keep your identity private, that's totally fine! Just add that in the "Why does this person deserve to win?" section- add a note asking me to please keep your identity private. If your nominee wins, I will simply let them know that someone nominated them; not who nominated them :)

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