Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eCourse

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Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eCourse


The ultimate step-by-step financial guide

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Sure, you've got a good paycheck. You have enough to pay rent, buy groceries, keep up with your bills, make your minimum student loan payments, and even put a bit towards retirement. (go you!)

But there's just one little problem: You feel like you never have any money left for fun.


And, I mean... isn't your twenties supposed to be the time to enjoy life? The time to travel and do cool stuff before becoming a "real adult"?



A step-by-step guide to affording anything you want in life. It's for twenty-something women who want to be in control of their money, rather than letting money control their life.

Because while money can mostly be used for un-fun things like bills, it can afford you wayyyy more than that. It can buy you anything you want.



I'm Ashley, and I've created the Live Your Life {+ still save money!} eCourse because I know it's possible to have fun and still be smart with your money.

I help twenty-something women have more fun and less guilt in life. I help women like you:

  • say "YES!" to all the fun invites from your friends (if you want to, of course)
  • save up for your BIG financla dreams: whether that's backpacking through Europe, buying a house, or paying off that stressful student loan debt
  • become officially independent (no more asking Mom & Dad for financial help)
  • and most importantly, feel comfortableconfident, and in-control of your finances.


Bottom line: this eCourse will help you master your money so you can get back to living your life, rather than stressing about finances.



This course includes:

  • A 30+ page PDF eBook that walks you through the Live Your Life {+ still save money!} system
  • Done-for-you tools: monthly & yearly Money Trackers, an Income Calculator, a Savings and a Debt Repayment tracker--so you don't have to waste time creating anything!
  • Weekly journal prompts, a printable monthly calendar, and a monthly review checklist to use at the end of each month.
  • A financial check-up, so you can see how you're doing, financially, right this very second-- and get to work ASAP!
  • My method for the one, most important, daily action I take to keep my financial life in order (it’s the biggest thing that allows me to live my life and still save money) –> tracking your money!
  •  The actual process I use to review my finances at the end of each month. You’ll actually learn something from your tracking so you can improve month to month!
  •  A massive guide full of money-saving tips for every area of your spending –> if you want to cut spending in a certain area of your life, all you have to do is follow the tips! (and psssst– this is going to be constantly updated, so I’ll send you updated versions whenever I add more tips!)
  •  A “maintenance and tweaking” plan– if your income or spending ever change (which, inevitably, they will) you will know exactly how to adjust; so you use these skills for the rest of your life!


It was a little scary to take a hard look at my financial situation but you were so helpful along the way. I found ways where I can cut my spending and see where I can build my savings. Finances are no longer a scary thing for me. You were always available for questions, and it seemed to be that you know what I was thinking before I sent an email! I would recommend your program to friends my age who are trying to save money and still enjoy being in our mid 20s.
— Susan F., 24



Is this a one-on-one program?  This is a self-paced eCourse, meaning that you'll receive all the course materials and will move through the course on your own-- so you can go as fast or slow as you'd like! :) I am always available via email and can help answer any questions that you have as you progress through the course.

I've tried tracking and budgeting before, and it didn't work for me. This time is going to be different... I promise. Last time you did this, I'm going to be you didn't have a done-for-you resource to give you tools, tips, expert advice, motivation, and accountability to keep you going... right? This time you have the tools and the accountability to keep going! (yeah, I'll probably be checking in with you periodically, so you better be doing your work! ;) )

This is going to take too much time. I know what it's like to stress out over money. I'm willing to bet that this course actually takes less time than you normally would spend worrying about your financial situation! Wouldn't you rather spend your time actively improving your financial situation, rather than just stressing out about it?

I don't want to give up my spending habits! I'm not going to make you give up anything. Pinky promise. What I am going to do is help you prioritize your spending so your money goes to the things you want it to (travel, an apartment of your own, starting your own business) rather than the things you don't care as much about (happy hour with your slightly annoying coworker, a Forever 21 shopping spree of clothes you'll never wear again... etc).

I'm doing fine in my financial life; I don't need this course. Are you sure you're doing as well as you possibly can be, financially? How do you know if you never actually look over your spending and income numbers? Do you think there could be areas you can do even better in, and achieve your goals even faster? Yep... I'm sure it's possible to do even better :)

I should wait until I get a better job/move out of my parent's house/win the lottery/etc-- then I'll be ready to look at my finances! Trust me; the ideal time to start getting your finances in order is TODAY. You'll learn the tricks and create the habits that will compound when you do get a new job, apartment, win the lottery, etc. A year from now, you'll wish you started today. (how's that for a motivational Pinterest quote?)

I hate dealing with money. I don't want to do this. Working on your finances is like jumping into a pool. It looks scary and cold from above but you've gotta just close your eyes and JUMP in!! Once you're in, it isn't that scary, and-- gasp!-- might even be enjoyable!

This course is not going to work for me. My debts are too high! Having high debt is an even better reason to do this course! You'll find ways to cut your expenses so you can pay off your debts even faster than you ever imagined. And, be serious here, how badly would you looooove to get rid of those debts ASAP so you can use your money for the things you want?

What if I hate this course or don't see results? I want you to be completely risk-free in this program, so here's my guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the program, all I ask is that you send me your completed Money Tracker, journal entries, and Monthly Review Checklist and I will issue you a full refund. The reason I ask for those is to be sure you're actually doing the work-- without putting in the work, of course you won't see results!


I think working with you would be good for anyone who wants to set themselves up for years of good habits. You taught me there are ways to improve no matter what your situation is. And the sense of control and awareness of my finances is fabulous.
— Katie M., 30
I feel so much more empowered when it comes to my finances. I’ve cut way back on going out to eat and every purchase I make it one that I have thought out. I’ve really become more conscious about my spending and cut out most impulse purchases. I’ve also been successfully meal planning and doing all of my shopping on Sundays for the week!
— Hyedi N., 29
I used to pay my bills first and then not have very much left over. Making a budget at the beginning of the month helps me distribute my money better and puts me in a better place because I can still save money/ pay bills but I don’t have to feel bad about going out to dinner because I made room for it in my budget and I know it wont put me over the edge, financially. In the end, I feel like I have more control over my life!
— Denesse S., 27
Your coaching has definitely made me more aware of how much I am actually spending and where I can cut back. You don’t judge our impulse purchases! You’ve been there too and are honest.
— Sophie B., 27