Egg, Vegetable & Quinoa Breakfast Casserole {& you can FREEZE it!}

Egg, cheese, bacon & jelly sandwich

Pancakes (from scratch! but really easy!)

Baked Oatmeal (notes: I currently make this for breakfast every work day- 1 batch feeds me for 5 breakfasts. I leave out the cherries and do 1 cup of chopped roasted pecans, but you can use any nut. I also skip the butter on top, it tastes great to me without it! I cut it in 5 squares then pack it to take to work and eat it cold at my desk each morning. SOOOOO good.)



Honestly, most of what we eat for lunch is leftovers from dinner. You'll notice that most of my dinner recipes make 4 servings of food- 2 servings for dinner and 2 servings for lunch.

If I'm feeling healthy/productive, I'll make a big batch of lunch salads for the week.